Welcome to Big Sky, Montana, a premier destination for winter sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its vast and varied terrain and breataking views, Big Sky is a paradise for skiers of all levels, as well as offering a wide array of non-skiing activities for those looking to explore the beauty of winter around Big Sky in other ways.

Big Sky Resort: Best Skiing Around

Big Sky Ski Resort is a remarkable ski destination renowned for its vast and varied terrain. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, Big Sky’s expansive 5,850 acres of skiable terrain offers something for everyone. With 320 named runs 38 lifts it can be a little overwelming so we have created a guide to help you navigate and enjoy the diverse ski runs at this winter wonderland.


Beginner Ski Trails

For those that are new to skiing, or maybe getting back into skiing after a ling time, Big Sky offers a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience or getting your legs back under you. 21% of the names runs are rated green. No matter you level though we find these green runs to be some of the best.

  • Lone Wolf: A signature green run beneath the Explorer Chairlift, known for its gentle slopes.
  • Mr. K: Accessed via the Swift Current lift, this classic green run offers a low-angle, long trail that’s groomed nightly.
  • Safari: A great beginner trail accessed from the Ramcharger 8 person lift, taking riders across Andesite mountain.
  • Cinnabar: Meanders from the top of Six Shooter chair to the Madison Base area, providing a scenic ride for beginners.
  • Deep South: A long, mellow run located on the Southern Comfort terrain, perfect for beginners wanting to experience more of the resort.


Intermediate Ski Trails

For those looking to challenge themselves a bit more, Big Sky Ski Resort has single blue runs which makes up 14% of the terrain and double blue runs that are sligtly more challenging making up 15% of the terrain.

  • Elk Park Ridge: A consistent, steep slope for those who enjoy long, steep groomers.
  • Calamity Jane: Located underneath the Swift Current lift, this run offers a slightly steeper slope than Mr. K.
  • Big Tree Cutoff: A beginner-friendly, non-groomed run on the backside of Lone Peak.


Expert and Advanced Ski Trails

50% of the overall terrain at Big Sky is rated For advanced & pro skiers looking for a thrilling experience. 31% is rated Black Dimond, 11% is Double Black Dimond, and 8% is Tripple Black Dimond.

  • Liberty Bowl: Accessible via the Lone Peak Tram, this run is known for its perfect slope angle and alpine winds that keep it bump-free.
  • Mad Wolf: A challenging black diamond run with a thousand-foot vertical drop off the backside of Andesite mountain.
  • Marx and Lennon: High alpine runs off the Lone Peak Tram, offering steep and long terrains.
  • North Summit Snowfield: Known for its large vertical drop and excellent snow conditions.

** For the most experienced and daring skiers. Must sign out with ski patrol **

  • Big Couloir: An iconic narrow chute requiring a beacon, shovel, and probe, descending from Lone Peak.
  • Three Forks: Accessible from the Headwaters Hike, this run consists of steep chutes leading into the Headwaters Bowl.


Getting Around Big Sky Ski Resort

At Big Sky Resort, whether you choose to glide down the well-loved runs like Liberty Bowl or Mr. K, or carve your own path through the snow, a fantastic skiing experience is guaranteed. The resort’s diverse terrain is mapped out in four detailed guides, ensuring you can navigate the slopes with ease. These include the Winter Main Trail Map, giving you a comprehensive overview of the entire resort; the Winter Bowl Trail Map, highlighting exciting bowl skiing opportunities; the Winter South Face Trail Map, focusing on the sunny south face of Lone Mountain; and the Ski the Sky Loop Map, featuring an adventurous route across the resort. Each map opens a doorway to new discoveries, ensuring your day at Big Sky is as thrilling or relaxed as you wish it to be. Explore these maps and more at Big Sky Resort’s Trail Maps.


Beyond Skiing In Big Sky, Montana

Whether you’re taking a day off from the slopes or simply prefer other winter pleasures, Big Sky, Montana, has a wealth of activities to offer. In this picturesque setting, opportunities are everywhere for those eager to explore the winter landscape in ways that don’t involve skiing. Imagine embarking on a peaceful snowshoe journey through untouched forests, or feeling the rush of a dog sledding adventure across the expansive Montana terrain. Big Sky caters to all desires, from those seeking the quiet majesty of a snow-blanketed wilderness to thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline-filled day in the crisp, clean air. With its diverse range of winter activities, Big Sky promises every visitor an enchanting and unforgettable experience, tailor-made for all types of winter enthusiasts.



For an exhilarating experience amidst the stunning landscapes of Big Sky, snowmobiling offers a unique adventure. Dive into the heart of Big Sky’s winter wilderness with a variety of snowmobiling options. You can embark on a guided tour through the Gallatin National Forest or the iconic Yellowstone National Park, experiencing their natural grandeur in a thrilling way. Alternatively, you have the option to rent a snowmobile for a self-directed exploration, or if you’re equipped with your own gear, the backcountry of Big Sky opens up endless possibilities for discovery. Snowmobiling here isn’t just a sport; it’s an unforgettable journey through some of the most breathtaking winter terrains.

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Snowshoeing in Big Sky, Montana, offers a serene and enchanting way to experience the winter landscape. As you step into your snowshoes, the vast, snow-covered terrain of Big Sky unfolds before you, inviting a peaceful exploration unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the forests and meadows, with the crunch of snow underfoot and the crisp, clean air filling your lungs. Whether you choose a guided tour to discover hidden gems or set out on a self-guided adventure, snowshoeing here connects you intimately with nature. It’s not just a winter activity; it’s a journey into the heart of Montana’s pristine wilderness, offering moments of reflection and awe in the quiet, snow-laden surroundings. Embrace the slow pace and the majestic silence of Big Sky’s winter world through the simple, yet profound, act of snowshoeing.

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Dog Sledding

Dog sledding in Big Sky, Montana, is an extraordinary experience that captures the essence of a winter adventure. Imagine being whisked through the pristine landscapes of Big Sky, with a team of enthusiastic sled dogs leading the way. This exhilarating activity allows you to explore the breathtaking snowy terrains, cutting through the quiet, frosty air, surrounded by panoramic mountain views. It’s a perfect blend of adventure and harmony with nature, offering a unique perspective of the Montana wilderness. The rhythmic patter of the dogs’ paws on the snow and the crisp, clean air create an unforgettable atmosphere of exploration and excitement. Dog sledding in Big Sky isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of winter, offering both tranquility and thrilling moments in the great outdoors.

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Sleigh Rides

Embark on a charming journey through Big Sky’s winter wonderland with a horse-drawn sleigh ride. This enchanting experience allows you to traverse the snowy landscapes of Montana in a traditional western-style sleigh, enveloped in a warm blanket and sipping hot drinks. It’s an idyllic way to explore the untouched beauty of Southwestern Montana’s forests. Some sleigh rides even culminate in a delightful evening filled with a delectable dinner and lively music, creating memorable moments for the entire family. These sleigh rides, offered by local outfitters, provide a magical winter adventure that’s sure to leave lasting memories for everyone involved.

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Local Hot Springs

Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of Big Sky’s natural hot springs, a perfect retreat amidst the chilly Montana winter. These thermal waters offer a serene oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate while surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the region. Picture yourself easing into steaming mineral-rich waters, feeling the contrast of the cool air and the warm embrace of the springs, all while taking in the breathtaking mountain views. It’s an idyllic way to unwind and soak up the tranquility of the great outdoors. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful solo escape or a cozy, memorable experience with loved ones, the hot springs in Big Sky provide a unique and unforgettable way to experience the essence of Montana’s winter wonderland.

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Winter Yellwostone Park Tours

Discover the enchanting beauty of Yellowstone National Park in winter with guided tours from Big Sky. These excursions offer a unique opportunity to witness the park’s landscapes transformed by snow and ice. As you journey through this winter paradise, you’ll be captivated by the steaming geysers against the backdrop of a frozen wilderness, observe wildlife in their natural habitat, and experience the serene beauty of Yellowstone under a blanket of snow. The guided tours provide not only safe and knowledgeable navigation through the park but also insightful information about the area’s geology, wildlife, and history. It’s an unparalleled way to experience one of America’s most iconic national parks, offering a tranquil yet awe-inspiring exploration of nature in its winter form. Whether for photography, wildlife watching, or simply enjoying the tranquility of a snow-covered Yellowstone, these tours are sure to provide an unforgettable winter adventure.

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Big Sky Resort is more than a ski destination; it’s a winter haven offering something for everyone. Whether carving down the ski slopes or enjoying a snowshoeing adventure, Big Sky promises an unforgettable winter experience.

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Choosing a vacation rental in Big Sky, Montana, during the winter season positions you perfectly to dive into a world of enchanting outdoor activities. Imagine a cozy retreat, nestled in the snowy landscape of Montana, where the thrill of skiing down varied trails, the serenity of snowshoeing through pristine forests, and the unique adventure of dog sledding are just outside your door. Your rental becomes a haven where you can unwind after a day of exploring Yellowstone’s winter wonders or soaking in the soothing hot springs. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s your gateway to experiencing the magical winter activities that Big Sky has to offer, from the exhilarating to the tranquil. Whether you’re returning from a peaceful horse-drawn sleigh ride or an adventurous snowmobile trip, your Big Sky vacation rental is the ideal home base to relax, recharge, and relive the day’s adventures. 

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