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Big Sky Weather

Big Sky weather is something special – clear skies and sunshine nearly every day during the summer months, with mild temperatures perfect for Summer Activities. During the winter, the area gets a good amount of snow but temperatures rarely drop much below freezing. This makes it ideal for year-round outdoor activities such as skiinghikingfishinggolfing, and so much more. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and over 272″ of snow around town in the winter, the weather in Big Sky is appealing to nearly everyone that likes a change of season.


How to Pack for Big Sky Weather

Though Big Sky gets fairly consistent weather patterns, it is still in the Rocky Mountains which can create quickly shifting weather. Packing in layers and with diversity is helpful and almost a must for most people. Wool socks, thermal layers, and winter accessories are necessary from November to March. However come spring, summer, and fall, thin easy-to-shed clothing is key. Be sure you have options for water-resistant jackets and shoes or boots valuable for the periodic rain, snow, or mud. Summertime definitely calls for shorts, sundresses, and comfortable light clothing but be sure to always have a sweater handy.”




Average Big Sky Seasonal Temperatures

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average High 31 35 43 50 59 68 78 77 68 54 38 28
Average Low 08 08 16 22 29 36 40 39 32 24 15 06


Big Sky Weather Cam


Montana Weather Resources

Don’t get caught in the snow! Use the resources below to help you plan your trip accordingly. Summertime travel is typically no problem but snow and ice can wreak havoc on travel plans, so, do what you can to be prepared!

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