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Many ask what mountain range is Big Sky in? Big Sky, the town, is part of the Spanish Peaks. To the West of Big Sky is the Madison Range, and then to the East, over the Gallatin River, lies the Gallatin Range. The mountain ranges of Big Sky Montana are impressive and abundant. There are over 64 mountain ranges in Montana, with many residing in the southwestern and western parts of the state.

Visiting The Spanish Peaks Big Sky Montana

The Spanish peaks are considered a sub-range of the more extensive Madison Range, which itself is part of the even larger, world-famous Rocky Mountains. Made up of gneiss that is 1.6 billion years old, The Spanish Peaks predate the rest of the range by 50-60 million years. Winter or summer, the landscapes created by these Montana mountains are impressive. Each season showcases different aspects of the peaks and ranges around Big Sky. 

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Mountain Ranges Near Big Sky MT


Mountain Peaks Near Big Sky

There are so many mountains and ranges in Montana that it would be nearly impossible to hike, climb, or ride every peak, trail, and range, but we have listed some of our favorite mountain peaks near big sky to help you hit some of the must-see experiences.

Wilson Peak in the Spanish Peaks

Wilson Peak is one of our favorite peaks in the area, if you could not tell? This peak never gets the glory it deserves but rises to an elevation of 10,700 feet and is a part of the Spanish Peaks. Take the 12.5-mile trail through the forest, followed by an easy scramble to the top. Wilson Peak Montana is our top recommendation for any Big Sky Vacation.

Madison Mountan Range Lone Peak

Lone Peak Big Sky is the most popular and easily recognizable peak in the area. Not only can you ski down Lone Peak in the winter with your Big Sky Ski Pass, but you can also hike it in the late spring, summer, and early fall. From the top of Lone Peak reflect on fantastic views of all the mountain peaks & ranges near Big Sky, including the Madison Range, Gallatin Range, and on a clear, beautiful day, all the way to the Tetons in Wyoming.

Children Walking on Trail Big Sky

Ramshorn Peak, located in the Gallatin Mountain Range, rises to an elevation of 10,289 feet, and it's recommended that you visit either during the Summer or early Fall. An easy hike to the top makes this a great way to take in the expansive views of the surrounding areas. If you have ever skied on Lone Peak or stood on the top, you have seen Ramshorn in the short distance.


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