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Yellowstone National Park

With the West Yellowstone Park Entrance being only a distance of 50 miles or just under an hour away it makes a great day trip from Big Sky. Here we have provided some helpful resources for you to plan the most memorable Yellowstone Park adventure!


Discover what Yellowstone offers from wildlife, backcountry hikes, mountain biking, water activities, geothermal features, and breathtaking views. No matter if it is Summer or winter there is something for you to discover in Yellowstone National Park. Check out our Yellowstone overview and find something new to experience.
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See what is happening at the West entrance of Yellowstone National Park with the West Yellowstone entrance webcam. The closest entrance into Yellowstone National Park from Big Sky. Tip: We like to check this day of our trip to the park to see what the weather is doing! Sometimes you get lucky and spot an animal people watching!

Location: West Yellowstone


A wonderful resource to the Yellowstone must-see attractions, including helpful maps and lists of the top 10 Yellowstone attractions. This is a great guide to planning out our Yellowstone Park adventure and making sure you make the most of your time in the park! Make sure to also look at West Yellowstone attractions since you will be passing through that part of the park from and back to Big Sky.

Location: Yellowstone National Park


Winter tours of Yellowstone in the winter are to say the least MAGICAL! It is a memory that you will keep with you for the rest of your life. There are so many things to do in Yellowstone in winter that you would never think of. Like seeing the steam rise from geothermal features and the breath of the buffalo huddled around for warmth and uncovered grass or going on a Yellowstone winter wolf tour. There is so much to discover visiting Yellowstone in winter.

Location: Yellowstone National Park


Want to make the most of your Summer adventure to Yellowstone? Hire a local guide! Taking a Yellowstone tour in Summer is a great way to see all the park has to offer while saving you the headache of planning and driving in traffic. There are Yellowstone tours from West Yellowstone and even some that start in Big Sky so you don`t have to drive at all. Start planning your amazing Yellowstone National Park Summer Vacation today!

Location: Yellowstone National Park
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